Andrew Caouette 
Drums & Percussion
Since attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for both undergraduate and graduate studies, the young jazz/funk/r&b style drummer has experienced an exciting whirlwind of opportunities as an in-demand player.  Among his experience leading up to his current work with The Keith McLinden Project, some appearances include performing for George W. Bush at his inauguration in 2001, performing with Don McLean, Maynard Ferguson, Jefferson Airplane, the Thayer Symphony Orchestra, the University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band, Julie Capone Smith, Ethan Stone, the Franks, Soulstice et al.  Andrew has had the opportunity to study drums and percussion with the likes of Eduardo Leandro, Gary Chaffee, Thomas Hannum, Colin McNutt, Don Kirby, and Thomas Ruckey, all of whom have had a great influence on his personal style and approach to music.  Andrew has also had the opportunity in the past to spread this training to high school students as the Percussion Coordinator for the Oakmont Regional High School Music Department in Ashburnham, MA, which Andrew was a member back in his years of high school.  A drummer and percussionist of progressive invention, Andrew always tries to excel with every attempt at innovation, but there is no doubt his devotion to contemporary music and style(s) will serve any group and/or artist well in the future. 
Keith McLinden
Guitar & Vocals
Songwriter, perfomer, singer, and guitarist... in that order? "Depends on the day." His passion for music started with his parents' record collection and a pair of headphones. From there, the singer looked for his voice as a member of drama club in high school, in college and reperatory theater, and in a series of rock bands. But, it was in the Worcester jam-band movement of the early 2000s that he really found his place in music. His songwriting fell on the progressive rock side of the jam band menu, but joining forces with powerful musicians and songwriters in the Arthur Dent Foundation made a splash in a rich music scene.  Adding guitar to his repertoire was a natural part of his progression as a songwriter and performer. He credits Rich Falco for helping to find his way in the search for understanding the instrument and music theory. In the journey towards the Keith McLinden Project, he shared the stage with countless great local musicians and national acts. He takes pride in his discography. He contributed songwriting, guitar, and vocals on Spin and We own Your Mind by the Arthur Dent Foundation. On his solo concept album The Ballad of Willie McCall, he played multiple instruments and invited talented friends to lend their talents. As KMP prepares its first full length released Keith is pleased to work with such talented and creative musicians.  
Erik Von Geldern
Bass & Vocals
Erik is a talented bass player, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who studied jazz performance in college.

Choose one of the following:

a. He is a hostile entity from another galaxy, therefore, not much more is known about him.

b. He is a dark brooding introvert who doesn't want to share any more information.

c. He has been busy working on a new residence and didn't share a bio.